Owners Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in the leasing fee?

  • Compare and review the area for an accurate rental price.
  • Contacting vendors to help place the property in a “Show Ready” Condition
  • Place signs on the property, put it on MLS, etc.
  • Show the property
  • Receiving, processing and reviewing prospective tenant applications
  • Reviewing the lease with the tenant and answering questions
  • Many other small items all performed to ensure a quality tenant.

What services are included in the management fee?

  • Attending to daily phone, email, and fax inquiries
  • Timely rent collection
  • Attending to payment of various property expenses
  • Lease enforcements
  • Hand deliveries of notices to the tenant
  • Organizing maintenance and repairs
  • Periodic visual inspections to ensure lease compliance
  • Conducting move out/move in inspections
  • Lodging security deposit claims, when necessary, in accordance with Florida Statues Chapter 83
  • Many other items to ensure lease compliance

What are the steps if WEICHERT, REALTORS – Hallmark Properties Property Management takes over management of my tenant occupied property?

First, if the property has been managed by another company, we will need to see a signed termination agreement with the other company as to make sure we are not interfering with an existing contract.

We will need from either the other property management company or you:

  • A copy of the current lease
  • A statement of the tenant’s account
  • The tenant’s security deposit
  • Keys to the property

We will then meet with the tenant and assess the property.

Do you recommend accepting pets?

There is a small percentage of time we will recommend that allowing pets will not benefit the owner. But statistics show more than ½ of all tenants have pets. By excluding pets from your property, you will substantially reduce the available number of prospective tenants.

What are the rules for tenants with Service Animals?

Service Animals/Therapy Pets for handicapped/disabled persons are not pets by
Federal Law and owners cannot discriminate against handicapped/disabled
persons with a service animal/therapy pet. Fair Housing does not allow owners or
property managers to collect deposits of any kind for a service animal or therapy