Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move in a property?

  • 1st months rent
  • Minimum security deposit equal to one month’s rent.
  • Any pet deposits or fees
  • Lease preparation fee
  • Application fee

What is your criteria for leasing a property?

Generally, we are looking for applicants who can show:

  • At least 3 times the monthly rent in gross combined income
  • Good rental history
  • Good credit history
  • No felonies within the last 7 years
  • No misdemeanors involving drugs, domestic violence, or firearms within the last five years
  • No sexual offenses ever

What do I do if repairs are needed?

You have 2 options:

A) Call your property manager and inform them of the needed repair.
B) The best option is to put it in writing. You can click on “Request Maintenance” below, fill out the
form, and click Send. Make sure we know:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Your contact information
  • Description of repair needed
 Request Maintenance 

Once we receive this information, we will have a vendor contact you to schedule an appointment for the repair.

What do I do if I want to move when my lease expires?

You are required to give your property manager a written notice 30 days before the end of your lease.

When will I get my security deposit back after I move?

Once you turn in all keys, garage remotes, gate passes, and new address, the property manager will conduct a move out assessment. Should the property manager determine there is even $1.00 in charges, above normal wear and tear, against your security deposit, we are required by Florida Statues 83.49 to send you a written statement via certified mail. We are allowed 30 calendar days to get this statement in the mail to you.

If no charges are discovered at the move out assessment, we have 15 calendar days to get your refund in the mail via certified mail.